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Voice & Data Services

Voice Services:

We are an authorized NEC Aspire dealer and have both traditional and VoIP systems to meet your communications needs. We also offer a variety of new and used systems from Avaya, Panasonic and others. To insure that your needs are met, we provide comprehensive end-user and administration training.

Does your old system lock up or crash from time to time?

Do the buttons on your phone stick or are they not programmed correctly?

Are you spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year just keeping your old system running?

Do you need new features that your old system doesn’t support?

If you answered yes to any one of these, it may be time to explore replacing what you have with a new system better suited for your needs.

We also service a variety of existing phone and voicemail systems including:

Avaya (AT&T, Lucent)
NEC Aspire, UX5000, DS, DSX and Elite IPK
NEC IntraMail, DMS, FMS and UltraMail, UX IntraMail and UX Mail
Panasonic DBS & 576
Panasonic KXT Series
Panasonic Courier & IFM
1CTI Innovator & Innovator Lite

We work around your schedule, not ours. Same day, night and weekend service is available.

We also offer free limited telephone tech support for our customers.

Call us if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment.

NEC DSX System

Data Services:

Networking is more than connecting a few computers and sharing an Internet connection. For a network to perform efficiently and reliably, there can�t be any weaknesses in the hardware, software or the cabling infrastructure. We stress all three in our installations and offer the following network services:

Netgear FS526T Switch

File sharing
Printer sharing
Internet connectivity including email setup, routers, firewalls and virus protection
  We support Dialup, DSL, ISDN, T1 and PRI
  installations including hardware, software and
Data backup and storage
Power protection

Panasonic 576

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