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We specialize in distributed audio and video systems for commercial properties, medical and dental offices and high-end residential and multi-tenant environments.

What is distributed audio/video?

In a nutshell, distributed audio/video is a method by which 1 or more audio and/or video sources can be distributed to multiple locations at your site.

Ceiling-mounted speakers

We design and install everything from simple background music systems for an office to high-end multi-source, multi-zone systems that allow users in each room to choose from a variety of sources.

For example, we recently completed a medical office installation where they specified that 6 procedure rooms needed to be able to choose from several different sources and control their volume. If 6 different procedures were to take place simultaneously, the physicians could each have a different music source at their preferred volume level. The music sources, in this case, were servers with a library of hundreds of MP3 files. This was accomplished with a single centrally located controller and 2 speakers and a keypad in each room. The doctors were very pleased with both the sound and ease of use.

We also sell, install and service paging equipment, A-BUS� systems and distributed video and satellite services.
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